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I've heard a lot of complaints about the last fifteen minutes or so of "A Scandal in Belgravia." Really, my only big issue is with the "SHER" code business & accompanying malarkey—but it's okay, because I have fanwank for that at the ready. It was just yet another manipulation of him—just putting something in the bank.

And it paid off, as we know from the last scene. :P

(That said, I agree with [profile] kian15 that said final scene undermines the Gritty Realism of the presence by proxy of the middle east through John… but, well. This is the show that gave us "The Blind Banker." I was too unsurprised to get hung up on it too much. And too well-trained by years of fandom to edit around weak bits with likely improvements automatically.)

OH AND ALSO: In S1, I just thought Molly was a kind of sad side-character. I was a little annoyed that she was so cheaply written—I mean, come on, how eye-rollingly easy and obvious is it to write the Pathetic Lovelorn Hopeless Awkward Chick?—but I wasn't much invested in her. A little sympathetic toward her, by default, because boy, do I ever know what it's like to be lovesick and know the object of your affections probably thinks you're laughable and/or revolting and/or pathetic. And there was something I liked about the actor. But, again, there just wasn't much there, so… meh.

Now, though? I'm sorry, but she has won me over with her sheer perseverance. It takes serious fucking guts, to put yourself on the line like that, and think that maybe, just maybe you're good enough and that it's worth a try. And now that she's been revealed as having a morbid sense of humor—I sort of hoped, what with her dwelling in the morgue and all, but it's nice to have the confirmation!—I am squarely in her fanclub.

Molly's stones > Sherlock's. There. I said it.

In sum:



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Jan. 3rd, 2012 02:10 am (UTC)
Exactly. All of this.
Jan. 3rd, 2012 05:34 am (UTC)
:) I agree on everything. But you already know this.

I've been in fandom 10 or so years and they still haven't beaten all the thinking out of me. This is, of course, why I read fanfiction. It makes sense of the vast-y nothingness of plot holes.
Jan. 3rd, 2012 08:15 pm (UTC)
It's not so much that fandom beats the thinking out of one as that you reach a point where you see the fail but think, "eh, there'll be awesome fic deconstructing it within the week." If one's brain isn't halfway to writing that fic already.

Of course, I say that, but really I'm totally inconsistent about it. :P Bits of fail that I can be zen about in one place can crop up in a very similar manner elsewhere and make me rage, and I don't fully understand why Y pushes my buttons when x doesn't, half the time.
Jan. 3rd, 2012 09:32 pm (UTC)
The things that made you squeeful made me squeeful (Molly has STONES, for sure, but so does Mrs. Hudson! FTW!!), but there was SO MUCH I didn't like. I outright HAAAATED a whole lot of it. Just, ugh.
Jan. 3rd, 2012 11:17 pm (UTC)
I've always loved Molly. Mostly out of sympathy and because she was kind of adorable, and I have this weird magnetic attraction to Sherlock/Molly of the variety that I really, for her sake, would never want it to happen. But she really fulfilled my love for her in this episode, with the way she stood up for herself through her tears at the party, and that she's not so Pathetically Lovelorn that she's not even invited to the party. Also her hair is great. Also did Sherlock forget she's into him, or did he just never actually get it?

I wish they hadn't made Irene a villain. I haven't read enough of people's reactions to know what consensus is, but I did appreciate the (mostly) quiet exploration of Sherlock's childlike, intellectual juggling-based sexuality through her without actually making it a story about two people getting together, and...I suppose...that extends to the nuance of heartbreak added to the way it ended BUT I still really wish they hadn't made her a villain. I like that in the original story she's really smart and sneaky but basically blameless; I'm not really into the making The Woman The Man Can't Have into a devious femme fatale all the time. *sigh*

The last few seconds I don't even know what to do with. Did that happen? Was he fantasizing? Should he be so happy to save someone who held a nation's security at ransom? On the other hand, I don't like the Punish The Femme Fatale With a Gruesome Death trope, either. Mostly, did that happen or was he fantasizing? I'm confused.
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