Badass Soup: once more with measurements (illustrated edition)

So, in a fit of unaccustomed culinary genius, I came up with this recipe a while back. Various folks in various places have tried it out, found it good, and indicated that something with a bit more specificity wouldn't go amiss.

Precision is the enemy of this soup. It works best if you wing it and stop whenever it looks/smells/feels/tastes about right. Nevertheless, for those interested—and, more than anything else my own reference—I have chronicled a batch using actual measurements and things, toted up the calories involved, and measured the total volume of the result. This version has less profanity and more information. I wouldn't say it's the better for it. But, hey, pictures of food.

The obligatory this-is-what-you'll-need-to-make-this-dish shot:

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Well, I tried the "switch to Georgia and enter this CSS" fixit, which is lovely and awesome and makes the comments page SO MUCH BETTER OMG. But it has one major drawback that I can't stomach, viz., that it doesn't display tags on the recent entries page. So, back to a craptacular comments page until I can be arsed to learn enough code to have both. The comments page for this style is quite tolerable, anyway; I kept meaning to disable the custom comments page for this journal but I don't think I ever did, and it was fairly OK. The functionality's good, at least.

It's not even like there aren't positives to the new changes. Just that the negatives outweigh them. C'mon, guys, reverse the dickery and let's all get on with life.
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'Sup, SUP?

Y'all. 'Sup?

I know I haven't exactly been around much lately (understatement), but for the record, when I eventually get back in the loop, I'm going to try to do it a bit more from Dreamwidth. Where I am [personal profile] elliptic_eye. And my comments can have subject headers if I need them to.

Or even just if I want them to!

For free!

I so badly need to catch up with all of you, but for now: Merry Solstice, happy Hanukkah, merry Christmas, and happiest of holidays in general to all who're celebrating them. *hugs*
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Invite codes

I have 5 DreamWidth invite codes free to a good home, if anyone wants 'em. PM me or drop a comment, and I'll e-mail/PM you according to your preference.