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Meta: Martha Jones Is a Dork

Warning: Disgusting levels of happiness and sunshine and optimism. I don't know what's got into me, because I swear, this is not natural for me. It's just something Martha brings out, I suppose.

I keep coming across posts in fandom about how poor the writing for Martha's character really is—posts that I can't not (mostly) agree with. Human Nature/Family of Blood aside, Martha gets jack for character development. Outside of these episodes, most of the character's progress is down to the actors' chemistry, the nuances of their interactions, and vivid fan imaginations. And the most serious complaint, one I can't argue with, is that Martha gets practically nothing in the way of realistic faults, or at least zero exploration of same outside of her complicated feelings for the Doctor.

I can see all of that. I'm fairly observant of writing from a technical perspective; perhaps less so of nonnative mediums like television, but I'm not oblivious. Poor character development in the series does indeed irritate me.

I still fangirl Martha absurdly and want to write endless fic for her.

How come I love her so?Collapse )
Tags: character: martha jones, fandom: doctor who, fandom: doctor who: s3, meta

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