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Elliptical Viewing Machine

Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds

Elliptic Eye
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'sup This journal contains adult concepts. Sort of. To the extent that I am capable of being adult, anyway. What I really mean is that I swear a lot and talk about what I please. I just wanna watch my bubblewrap monsters, okay?

what's here Chiefly, fannish stuff. Doctor Who is my once and future fandom, but currently I'm also much involved in Criminal Minds; Torchwood, Supernatural, and Sherlock/other Holmesiana may make occasional appearances. I am maybe a bit of a multishipper.

I like discussion! Engage me in discussions! Even if you disagree with me! I will not bite your head off!* I like them!

*Likely exceptions: homo-/bi-/trans-/queer- phobia; misogyny; trivialization of rape, domestic violence, and other fun things like that; being a racist asshole; you know, that sort of thing. I mean, say it, if you want, and I'll probably still be fool enough to try to respond reasonably—I just might not do it very politely.

Yea, verily, I am That Fangirl when it comes to Trial of a Time Lord, the Sixth Doctor, and, of course, the Valeyard. I mod ice_and_rage, a (the?) Valeyard comm. Because I am still bitter about how much wasted potential there is in Trial, yes.

Also: Many people have a "if you're not over 18 or don't have a visible DOB in your profile, I won't friend you back" policy. I don't. You know why? Because the fic's not f-locked anyway. Stories are clearly marked with ratings, even the clean ones (which is most of them, by a long shot). Pls to be reading responsibly and all that.

remember: There is only Arnatt!Borusa.

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